"We have had a great experience building with Shane and the team at SR Morgan Ltd.

Shane's high standards andworkmanship meant that we ended up with a fantastic house and his standardscertainly rub off on his colleagues and sub-contractors. Shanewould often spot things in our plan that weren't quite right and came up withcost effective solutions to any design issues very easily.

Shane's years of experience were plainly obvious with hisunderstanding of all aspects of the building process which made things mucheasier for us.
We couldn't be happier with the outcome and would happily recommend SR Morgan Ltd". - Stuart Anderson

"We embarked on a significant beach house renovation inOctober 2010 in Raglan.

Nothing was a problem in terms of'issues popping up' as you might expect with an old Bach and one of Shane'sstrengths is problem solving and workingthrough any changes that had to be made 'on the fly'.

He was respectful of what we wanted toachieve and was happy to work with any changes that we wanted to incorporateduring the job; and at times provided ideas of his own. He also provided 'ballpark' estimates to assist us with changes that we decided we wanted to makeduring the process so we could then make a final decision about details with thatin mind.

He had good contacts and working relationships within the BuildingIndustry ,and was able to network with those 'specialists' to solve any problemsthat arose.

We found Shane is exceptionally easy to do business with, and we wereimpressed with his attention to detail.

We have no hesitation in recommending Shane, and we are delighted with the house." - Mal & Denise Davidson

"Shane and his team renovated my leaky home, infact they almost rebuilt it!

Throughout the very stressful processShane was professional, courteous, thorough and I grew totrust his judgement implicitly.

He always delivered on deadlines andcommitments and went beyond his brief in assisting with design optionsthat improved the final result.

The house now looks stunning and it isin large measure due to the high standards of workmanship, attentionto detail, and management of the sub-contractors that Shaneprovided.

I would highly recommend SR Morgan Building"

- Jennifer Kerr

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